How to Organize your Keys – Carl Friedrik Key Organizer

Every gentleman certainly knows that of all the objects that ones carries frequently, the ones are the most annoying are your keys, generally organized in a bundle.

They are many reasons for them being annoying, they can take many forms, take up a lot of space in your pocket, make a lot of noise and worse than everything, they scratch everything easily.

I always though this was a problem with a convincing solution, but sometimes solutions show when we least expect them.

Carl Friedrik is a brand that I have been following for years, and for the best of reasons. I discovered them when hunting for a quality briefcase, I wanted premium materials, a minimalist design and pay the less I could. I ended up becoming a client when I bought my Palissy 25-hour, which I talked about here in the past, specially about its quality. Since then I ordered other products, and the quality was always a highlight.

I watched, intrigued, to the launch of a new product called the Key Organizer, a solution to our key problem.

Carl Friedrik offered to send me one to review their elegant solution.

The first impression is one of surprise, then familiarity.

Surprise because the brand’s packaging rarely surprises, it is generally very simples, and looks to be one of the aspects where the brand can save some money, in order to keep the product’s price’s competitive, especially in the luxury leather goods space.

The, familiarity, the incredibly delicious smell of the vachetta leather that they use in all their products. The highest quality leather you can find.

The journey through the quality of the materials starts here. The Key Organizer is a vachetta leather strip and two pieces of copper (a screw, really) (stainless steel is an option as well). The quality is palpable.

How does it work? The strip of leather folds and in the middle your keys will stay firmly together, held by the copper screw. One of the ends can be firmly tightened.

A few washers come in the box to make the whole set fit correctly, in order for your keys to swiftly but securely rotate out of the leather, like a Swiss army knife.

Unfortunately my house key is too long and wide, so it doesn’t totally fit the organizer. If you have keys like this, this organizer (or any other, for that matter) may not work fully as intended. Still, it remains neatly in place, which is an upgrade to its previous state. If you don’t own keys like these, even better, this is a great solution.

I’ve been using the Key Organizer for the last two weeks and the experience of carrying keys has changed considerably for the better.

I don’t have to carry around a bunch of noisy keys inside my trouser’s pockets, but a simple, neat, compact and single object with the exact same keys as before, with superior elegance.

Keys are generally seen as an hassle to carry around, something you take because you need to, because it’s important and nothing more. Now, it’s a totally different story, it’s now an object of desire, something you are going to forget when leaving the house. It looks good, feels good to use and cary and makes you feel good while using it.

In short, I loved the concept of the organizer when I heard about it, and I loved it even more when I held the finished product in my hand saw that it works perfectly and elegantly, solving my problem.

I vividly recommend the Key Organizer to whoever wants to upgrade they way they hold their keys or simply who thinks that taking the keys in the pocket is bothersome, it is an immediate silent and immediate solution to their noisy problem.

The Key Organizer is sold only through Carl Friedrik‘s website, where it is available in chocolate brown, cognac brown and black.

I hope you enjoyed this article, follow us on instagram at @bomhomemblog and on Facebook. Visit Carl Friedrik‘s website by clicking here.


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